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In and around Refugio


Walking along the narrow path in the mountain above refugiofinichico
Oswaldo resting on a walk with the dogs
Resting after walking to Agua del Virgen from the refugio

There are many beautiful walks up into the mountains. It is easy to lose oneself up there so we suggest you go with Oswaldo who knows the routes inside out.

It is very important that you wear sensible walking boots. The earth is very loose and for coming down especially, you need very good grip. The longest path we have will take you through spectacular views of snow peaked mountains of the Andes and will take you to Agua del Virgin where our water source is. This could take you, on average 2 – 3 hours to get there and an hour to get back. For more serious walks to the Andes, we highly recommend Oswaldo accompanies you.

Dinosaur footprints in El Morado park, Cajon del Maipo

Other activities involve visiting Cajón del Maipo, especially in the area around the village of Morales where you can visit the dinosaur footprints and park walk. There are several places for rafting and horse riding throughout Cajón del Maipo Our suggestion would be to leave early in the morning if you want to come back in the evening. Also the road towards Cajón del Maipo takes a right turn on a bridge signposted to Pirque – this part is also very beautiful with old large estates. Just before Pirque there are several nice restaurants and the most touristy and reliable for meat is La vaquita echa . If you continue on this road you will get to Pirque and if you go straight on for about half a mile you will reach the Concha y Torro vineyards on your right hand side. You can come back to Fini chico through El Alto .Go through the town and continue your way all the way to paredero 14 (stop 14) ,then take a left turn into Walker Martinez .This will take you all the way back to the refugio.


Apparently the longest cycle path in the world has been built from North to South of Chile and is yet to be connected through Santa Sofia. In order to get to the cycle path please ask Oswaldo who will show you.

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