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The Cottages

The accommodation consists of 2 separate wooden cottages:

Side view of Pistacio cottage
Side view of Almendra cottage
The common room ideal place for gathering!

About Fini Chico

In 1992 Mo Fini founder of Tumi and his partner Lucy Davies and their 5 month old daughter, Nina, left the UK in a for an epic journey around Latin America. Their first stopping point was Santiago where they landed on the outskirts in an area known as Lo Cañas. Their onward journey was delayed as they waited for their fully equipped landrover to arrive at the main Chilean port of Valparaíso. To kill time, they began taking hikes into the range of mountains above Lo Cañas. On one of these hikes on reaching the top, they came across a rusty old metal sign which read "Se vende" (For Sale). Intrigued, Mo took down the number and when he rang it later found that he was speaking to the very surprised owners.

When they had returned back home to Bath in the UK, Mo went back to Chile and bought the side of the dry mountain. He then found some local stone masons who with him travelled north and south in search of mules to help carry the stones that would be necessary to build a house, stones that had to be brought from the mountainside above the house to lower levels ready for building.

During the following 11 years, a large tent became the home of stone masons, mules and the newly appointed permanent caretaker, Osvaldo. Today, some 20 years later, there are two cottages offering accommodation as holiday homes with several hundred mature fruit trees, shrubs, cacti and large stone swimming pool.

Native Trees and Plants

'Cacti plants' above refugiofinichico

The native trees surrounding you consist of many varieties. Ironically enough litre often gives people an allergic skin reaction. Among all the people I know I'm the only one who suffers, but it is not that uncommon. Mapuche Indians believe that by greeting the litre tree every time you pass, this will not occur. However, I have taken my hat off to respect the tree, but still they cause an allergic reaction of small bubbles on the surface of the skin in the most sensitive regions of the body. Please do not panic if it happens to you. It is nothing serious. The quickest way to cure yourself is to boil chamomile tea (agua de manzanilla), let it cool down naturally. After you have taken a shower, pour it over your body, especially over the affected areas and let it dry naturally. Repeat 3-4 days and everything will be OK

Fruit Orchard and Organic Vegetables

Refugio Fini Chico offers you a wide variety of fruit We have a variety of exotic fruit trees including apricots, plums, peaches, lemon, lime, orange, avocado, kaki, prickly pear, pomegranate, quince, tree tomato, fig, mulberry, grapes, apples, pears, walnuts, almonds and pistachios. The wide range of trees that grow in Fini chico alongside the native trees illustrate the wonderful microclimate that exists here. Whilst the city below is often unpleasantly hot in the summer, up above in Fini chico, the temperature remains pleasant and the air fresh. Normally during October to November you will find apricots, cherries, plums, February and March grapes, nuts and figs. Refugio Fini Chico is one of the few places in Chile that has pistachio trees. You are most welcome to walk up and down and sample the different fruit.

Oswaldo picking prickly pears to eat in the morning in refugiofinichico
Pistacios growing in refugiofinichico
The vegetable garden in refugiofinichico

During the summer months there is a range of organically grown vegetables just below the main house including cucumber, lettuce, tomato and various herbs. Oswaldo will be only too happy to share with you the vegetables he grows.

The Swimming Pool

Swimming pool at refugiofinichico

Just below the main cottage, steep steps lead down to a stone built swimming pool filled with fresh mountain spring water which cascades over a large rock covered in jasmine. The pool is an irregular shape which stays in harmony with the natural surroundings. Next to the main pool is a shallow toddlers pool, ideal for small children. The area around the pool is paved and palm trees give shade, making it the ideal place to sit and read before or after swimming. Jasmine, solanum and bright bougainvillea cascade over the stonework, attracting humming birds, all sorts of butterflies and other wildlife.

Communal Cabaña

Our special friends Oscar and Ceci showing off their cooking abilities!
Pinc pong table at refugio

This large communal stone area has taken several stonemason craftsmen many months to chisel away the stones collected from the river and surrounding area. It offers facilities for self catering for barbeques during the day and a central open fireplace for the night. Also offers a ping pong table and a mini gym. There are also a couple of extra hammocks for sleeping and relaxing in.

Behind Walnut cottage is an adobe bread oven where you can bake your own bread and pizza.

Other Information

Santa Sofia de lo Caña is a private mountain area on the eastern side of Santiago de Chile. There are over 50 private residences each with at least 1 acre or more of land. Finichico is the exception with unlimited acres of land and access above the mountain for walking with no limit. At the entrance to Santa Sofia there is a private gate which is manned day and night and upon entering you will be asked where you are going and so on and your number plate may be written down. It is terribly important to note that the asphalt road stops some 200 yards before the final climb to the refugio and unless you are fit, it is a hard climb which normally needs a 4 wheel drive car. If needed we could supply transport service for an extra charge but this should be arranged with us prior to your arrival.

The cottages share a large private swimming pool, adobe bread oven and large covered area outside for relaxing.

We have several dogs which do not enter the houses but live around the farm. If you have a dog please let us know in advance.

Sheets and bedding are included in rental

Ideally this accommodation is from October 1st to end of May, although you may get sunny days in July and August, you can also get heavy snow falling and the wooden cottages are not comfortable in such weather conditions.