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Cajon del Maipo

Bathing in the warm water in Banos Morales
Bathing in a waterfall, Cajón del Maipo
Cajón Del Maipo
Colina hot baths at 3500m, Cajón del Maipo
Corrugated iron shepherds summer hut near Colina hot springs
Cow breeders herding their animals, Cajón del Maipo
Cows grazing, Cajón del Maipo
Dinosaur footprint in El Morado park, Cajón del Maipo
Dinosaur footprints in El Morado park, Cajón del Maipo
Embalse Yeso
Fini family travelling towards Colina hot springs
Fini family with friends at Yeso Lake
Friends travelling to Colina hot springs, Cajón del Maipo
Gaucho herding down the mountain, Cajón Del Maipo
Herds coming down from the mountain, Cajón del Maipo
Hot springs, Termas del Plomo
Laguna El Morado, 2400m, Cajón Del Maipo
Landscape in Cajón del Maipo
Nina and Leo resting on the walk to Laguna El Morado.
Nina,Naomi and Leo Cajón del Maipo
Refugio on the way to Colina hot springs
Rocky mountain in Cajón de Maipo
Shelters in El Morado, Cajón Del Maipo
Shepherds bringing herds back down the mountain, Cajón del Maipo
Termas del Plomo hot springs near Argentinian and chilean border, Cajón del Maipo
View in El Morado national Park, Cajón del Maipo
Waterfall on the way to Colina hot springs
Woman gaucho in Cajón del Maipo
Beautiful Cajón Del Maipo