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Around Refugio

Aerial view of refugiofinichico
Breathtaking views above Refugiofinichico
Building the cabaña in the refugio
Cabaña being built
Cottages at finichico santiago
'Fireworks' to celebrate new year in Santiago from refugiofinichico
Granite stone transported from Cajon Del Maipo to the refugio
Oswaldo picking prickly pears for breakfast
Quiet spot by swimming pool, refugiofinichico
Relaxing on the balcony
Stunning view of 'Santiago at night' from the balcony of refugiofinichico
'Sunset' at refugiofinichico
Sunset from refugio
Sunset over Santiago refugiofinichico
Swimming pool at refugiofinichico
The swimming pool at refugiofinichico
The vegetable garden in refugiofinichico
Tino the dyker splitting stones for the refugio
Traditional 'adobe oven' for baking bread behind the house in refugiofinichico
View of Pistacio cottage and tent
View of Santiago from refugio
Watering, early evening refugiofinichico
Wild horses in the mountain behind refugiofinichico
walking along the narrow path in the mountain above refugiofinichico
Oswaldo resting on a walk with the dogs
Resting after walking to Agua del Virgen from the refugio
Harvesting the almonds
Leo takimg a rest against one of our dogs ,hiking above refugio
Lucy relaxing late afternoon on the balcony
Lucy, Ceci and Oscarin on the balcony
Mo and Lucy hiking above refugio
Our special friends Oscar and Ceci showing off their cooking abilities!
Pinc pong table at refugio
The common room ideal place for gathering!
Tuna or prickly pears
View of refugio from above